Mythic Archimonde

Ao posted Feb 1, 16

The End!

Mythic Mannoroth

Ao posted Dec 15, 15

Omins Apparently Kolt has all the kills on a private server or some shit......So basically useless lol!
Pooch do you cranks still throw up videos of kills -- have never seen these bosses. Wouldn't mind seeing the gang persev...
Bloopbleep Almost getting there on managing to take a picture correctly. A couple more xpacs and we will be solid!

Mythic Xhul

Ao posted Dec 3, 15

Mythic Tyrant

Ao posted Nov 15, 15

Sundertooth video of the kill?
Bloopbleep Ishthevampyr Devouring Plague Tyrant Velhari 18236 (O: 137638)
Tipy killing blow?

Mythic Zak

Ao posted Oct 11, 15

Killing Blow: Classless Dispatch Fel Lord Zakuun 15130 (O: 979)

Mythic Iskar

Ao posted Oct 11, 15

Mythic Socrethar

Ao posted Sep 29, 15

Killing Blow: Bloopbleep Kill Shot Soul of Socrethar *83029* (O: 56317)

I don't have anything to say about this fight.

Pooch this is probably Bloop's proudest Unhallowed moment in 2 years -- I'm sure he's celebrating with Bubble G...
Bloopbleep Finally kill shot living up to it's name! Unlike other executes that are poorly named.
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