Mythic Flamebender

Ao posted Apr 6, 15

Trivia time!  Last time we killed a mythic (old heroic) progression boss 2 raid days in a row?

Sectator! To be fair i wasn't even playing then lol, and i used only resources we have on our guild site. Do i get a prize?
Ao How would there be tons of them? Also I'm going based on memory, not looking it up on wowhead like you cheaters.
Bloopbleep Same night doesn't count or there would be tons of them... You said two different raid days in a row.

Mythic Hans & Frans

Ao posted Apr 5, 15

Someone remembered to take a screenshot!

Ao Didn't say it was me that remembered.
Omins You mean someone reminded you to come back and take the shot!
Ao I have the final count =) A more positive stat though: one person in the raid never died to pulverize after the first ...

Mythic Ko'ragh

Ao posted Feb 3, 15

This is how it went down.

Omins Best Kill photo Ever. Hall of fame worthy!
Pandamony You got some legit photoshop skills
Valers Wow only like.. what's that.. 12ish people killed it? GG

Mythic Butcher

Ao posted Jan 26, 15

Killing Spree....!

Valers I agree Deso I hate being swallowed in a mass of ugly pixels >:(
Onegun Hey Pez thanks for covering me up. It's alright though you gave everyone a first hand look at how bad your character loo ...
Paja Farren, I'll pop army next time!!

Mythic Brackenspore

Ao posted Jan 16, 15

Beaten by a embarassing.
Pooch you think you guys have camera issues: ...
Randd why am i looking off to the side?
Notes i clearly didnt know where the camera was.

Mythic Tectus

Ao posted Jan 16, 15

This was posted a week ago, you just didn't see it.

Mythic Twin Ogrons

Ao posted Dec 30, 14

Yay for a kill during the holidays with a very slim roster and several undergeared people.
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