Mythic Butcher

Ao posted Mon at 22:51

Killing Spree....!

Valers I agree Deso I hate being swallowed in a mass of ugly pixels >:(
Onegun Hey Pez thanks for covering me up. It's alright though you gave everyone a first hand look at how bad your character loo ...
Paja Farren, I'll pop army next time!!

Mythic Brackenspore

Ao posted Jan 16, 15

Beaten by a embarassing.
Pooch you think you guys have camera issues: ...
Randd why am i looking off to the side?
Notes1755 i clearly didnt know where the camera was.

Mythic Tectus

Ao posted Jan 16, 15

This was posted a week ago, you just didn't see it.

Mythic Twin Ogrons

Ao posted Dec 30, 14

Yay for a kill during the holidays with a very slim roster and several undergeared people.

Mythic Kargath

Ao posted Dec 28, 14

Late on the post but first Mythic kill of the new expansion.
Valers All considering some of us aren't even facing the screen, lmao
Pezuk Honestly it came out pretty good considering no one expected it or was ready for it lol
Bloopbleep This might be the worst picture ever.

Heroic Garrosh 25

Ao posted Aug 26, 14

Cool.  11 weeks of no progression and no raid leading.  Here's to me!
Pandamony Wait. Does that mean I'M raid leading for the next 11 weeks?!
Pandamony Healers front and center ...
Classless This was one of my favorite kills since I started playing WoW. Such a fun fight (for a rogue). Grats to everyone!!!

Heroic Garrosh

Ao posted Mar 2, 14

Killing Blow: Halfatree Wrath Garrosh Hellscream *235216* (O: 59800)

452 pulls later..... surpassing our previous record from Heroic Lich King (364 pulls)!  The majority of those pulls were spent wiping in P1 and the first intermission.  Granted we had to change lineups frequently due to people having to miss raids and gear up some new members but in reality it probably took longer than it should have.  However it's nice to end the era of 10 man raiding on a positive note.  From the end of Wrath to the end of Mists we've been fortunate to have a good core group of people that were able to do the improbable on Misha of maintaining a consistent and high level raid group. As we move on to expand to 20 man mythic our identity will certainly change but as long as we can bring in the same character people we've mostly always had I'm sure we'll find success there as well.

Halfawake Wrath usually hits like wet noodle >< Well played everyone!
Pandamony Looking forward to the tiny and cute killing blows in wod
Casdon Gratz all we'll deserved can't wait to go to 20 man raiding
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