Mythic Kilrogg

Ao posted Aug 10, 15

Killing Blow: Ao Bloodthirst Kilrogg Deadeye *17213* (O: 38858)

I heard this fight is ... just easy

Some fun info:
Vision Team 1 (Omi/Half): 19 stacks in 32 seconds. (14.1M combined imp dmg)
Vision Team 2 (Lull/Legato):17 stacks in 34 seconds (10.8M combined imp dmg)
Vision Team 3 (Ao/Mezi): 20 stacks in 37 seconds  (20.2M combined imp dmg)

Bloopbleep Where is the add damage?

Mythic Hellfire High Council

Ao posted Aug 10, 15

Killing Blow: Lull Final Verdict Dia Darkwhisper *911* (O: 75106)

I heard this fight is easy if the mark bugs out.

Mythic Kormrok

Ao posted Aug 3, 15

Killing Blow: Logatto Divine Storm Kormrok *2557* (O: 26991) (Multistrike)

I heard this fight is easy if you have a solid runes team.

Omins The Iron Horde sure do like there lime green graphics...LOL

Mythic Iron Reaver

Ao posted Jul 31, 15

Killing Blow: Halfawake Prismatic Crystal Iron Reaver 8114 (O: 213696)

I heard this fight is easy if you can dodge barrage!

Notes this photo illustrates exactly how "well" our raid spreads out.
Sectator Should have posted total barrage hits!

Mythic Thogar

Ao posted Jun 2, 15

Back on Track? (!)

Pandamony Dat pun tho
Notes I imagine every ss Ao takes he feels like he is like trying to take a family portrait with a bunch of kids where no one ...
Omins Stronger than a locomotive? LMAO

Mythic Imperator

Ao posted May 7, 15

Probably would have been cool to do this when you had to pay attention to mechanics (as a player not a raid leader!)

Bloopbleep Worst photoshop job ever.
Omins What's spreading out???
Logatto But it is not this day!

Mythic Kromog

Ao posted Apr 27, 15

Before anyone asks....yes I have custom boss textures.

Omins We should do this for every boss lol
Classless I think this is amazing.
Nidater Dem photoshop skillz!
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