Heroic Garrosh 25

Ao posted Aug 26, 14

Cool.  11 weeks of no progression and no raid leading.  Here's to me!
Pandamony Wait. Does that mean I'M raid leading for the next 11 weeks?!
Pandamony Healers front and center ...
Classless This was one of my favorite kills since I started playing WoW. Such a fun fight (for a rogue). Grats to everyone!!!

Heroic Garrosh

Ao posted Mar 2, 14

Killing Blow: Halfatree Wrath Garrosh Hellscream *235216* (O: 59800)

452 pulls later..... surpassing our previous record from Heroic Lich King (364 pulls)!  The majority of those pulls were spent wiping in P1 and the first intermission.  Granted we had to change lineups frequently due to people having to miss raids and gear up some new members but in reality it probably took longer than it should have.  However it's nice to end the era of 10 man raiding on a positive note.  From the end of Wrath to the end of Mists we've been fortunate to have a good core group of people that were able to do the improbable on Misha of maintaining a consistent and high level raid group. As we move on to expand to 20 man mythic our identity will certainly change but as long as we can bring in the same character people we've mostly always had I'm sure we'll find success there as well.

Halfawake Wrath usually hits like wet noodle >< Well played everyone!
Pandamony Looking forward to the tiny and cute killing blows in wod
Casdon Gratz all we'll deserved can't wait to go to 20 man raiding

Heroic Paragons

Ao posted Jan 13, 14

A lot easier than Siegecrafter and a lot easier than what it should have been but still kind of fun.  Can file this kill under "last pull of the night" along with the many others in our history!
Omins Anything after Siegecrafter seems easy now lol.
Bloopbleep So what does each paragon do pooch?
Pooch enjoyed this fight other than the fact that I had to learn what each Paragon actually did (unlike normal)

Heroic Siegecrafter

Ao posted Dec 17, 13

Incredibly amazing fight as a player.  Incredibly frustrating fight as a raid leader.  No amount of shortcuts, strat changes, or motivational speeches could have made this fight go any faster.  The only thing there is to do is force people to think for themselves and lead by example.  Brings back many parallels to heroic Lich King progression for me on both accounts.
As for the fight itself it's probably my second favorite of all time.  When you can take an encounter, eliminate the DPS check completely, and still make it fantastically challenging, you're doing something right.

Pandamony only you thought we were doing worse than average pooch, shit was hard
Casdon Great kill all, I check the ranking all the time and this really put us up there. Even with my limited experience on th ...
Pooch you know as bad as we thought we were doing, we shot up the wowprogress rankings so we weren't alone in struggling...I e ...

Heroic Thok

Ao posted Nov 18, 13

Kiting 101
Pooch dude it's not a dinosaur --- it's a turtle!
Halfawake The fight just doesn't make sense. Why is there a dinosaur that's too stupid to not just turn around and eat us all? O ...
Omins The sha fight in Terrace was pretty fun, and Protectors. I enjoyed both of those but siege..... There has been so many i ...

Heroic Spoils

Ao posted Nov 5, 13

Look no silly ground effects; just one confused Ursidae.
Pooch you see I'm just looking forward to our next adventure while all you people are looking backwards stroking yourselves fo ...
Mythryn if only half was doing the same. half ruins everything
Casdon Look the two animals butts facing the wrong way.

Heroic Malkorok

Ao posted Oct 24, 13

So far this tier has been a major disappointment with tuning.

Pandamony Sithen, we purposefully excluded him
Corrado I only see 9 in the photo, who is missing?
Pooch looking for volunteers to place raid markers down next week....I'm a druid. I need 4 more keybinds like I need another ...
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