Mythic Tyrant

Ao posted Nov 15, 15

Sundertooth video of the kill?
Bloopbleep Ishthevampyr Devouring Plague Tyrant Velhari 18236 (O: 137638)
Tipy killing blow? ...

Mythic Zak

Ao posted Oct 11, 15

Killing Blow: Classless Dispatch Fel Lord Zakuun 15130 (O: 979)

Mythic Iskar

Ao posted Oct 11, 15

Mythic Socrethar

Ao posted Sep 29, 15

Killing Blow: Bloopbleep Kill Shot Soul of Socrethar *83029* (O: 56317)

I don't have anything to say about this fight.

Pooch this is probably Bloop's proudest Unhallowed moment in 2 years -- I'm sure he's celebrating with Bubble Gum Vodka
Bloopbleep Finally kill shot living up to it's name! Unlike other executes that are poorly named.

Mythic Gorefiend

Ao posted Sep 23, 15

Killing Blow: Tinku Death Strike Gorefiend 45819 (O: 9901)

I heard this fight was hard but not sure why...
Best fight of this xpac so far.
283 valid pulls.

Classless I love that the jeevez barely made it into the picture hahaha
Lull Mmm, pie...
Mythryn Nerd with pie charts

Mythic Kilrogg

Ao posted Aug 10, 15

Killing Blow: Ao Bloodthirst Kilrogg Deadeye *17213* (O: 38858)

I heard this fight is ... just easy

Some fun info:
Vision Team 1 (Omi/Half): 19 stacks in 32 seconds. (14.1M combined imp dmg)
Vision Team 2 (Lull/Legato):17 stacks in 34 seconds (10.8M combined imp dmg)
Vision Team 3 (Ao/Mezi): 20 stacks in 37 seconds  (20.2M combined imp dmg)

Halfawake Woah woah woah what about the boss damage?!
Bloopbleep Where is the add damage?

Mythic Hellfire High Council

Ao posted Aug 10, 15

Killing Blow: Lull Final Verdict Dia Darkwhisper *911* (O: 75106)

I heard this fight is easy if the mark bugs out.

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